What’s Wrong with James Bauder?

Facebook: James Bauder Facebook

Role in Freedom Convoy: Founder, Co-Author of the Memorandum of Understanding 

Groups Associated With: President of Canada Unity (14), United we Roll Convoy (15), Yellow Vests of Canada (16), QAnon (17)

James Bauder’s Facebook page is a great place to understand better what he believes in. While, like many of the other founders, many posts have been deleted, there is still much information to ingest.

He repeatedly states on his personal Facebook page that the Government and media are pushing a fake Covid-19 “#plandemic.” He says that this is how the Government is trying to take control and that he anticipates this will lead to World War 3 in 2022. (18)

On July 13th, 2021, James posted on his personal Facebook,” I knew there was a plan bigger in the works. It makes perfect sense that covid is just a test for a bigger, more sinister plan of complete and total control over everything. When you hear Fox News referencing CLIMATE CHANGE LOCKDOWNS… LIKE WTF? This is getting way out of hand. I know Trudeau would have zero issues with a CLIMATE LOCKDOWN. The one question I have is how will they pull this one off??? Seriously…ARE YOU KIDDING ME…FUCKING CLIMATE LOCKDOWNS!!!” (19)

There are also a few head nods to the conspiracy group QAnon. He can be seen using the “#WWG1WGA” hashtag on two occasions. He also shares posts from groups such as “Project Veritas,” a journalism company devoted to “exposing” the truth and, according to the New York Times, is highly entangled with Donald Trump and furthering his agenda. (20)
James said the following on December 6th, 2021. “We’re at war here. Do you think we’re going to release the whole strategy here? On facebook? Come on. Grab a clue. It’s called risk mitigation. If you have half a clue and if you’ve read the M.O.U., you realize that there are some smart people that deeply care about this country.” “That [reffering to the M.O.U.] is just a stepping stone. The rest is being developed as we go.” (21)

2 responses to “What’s Wrong with James Bauder?”

  1. The political right in the West has shifted their tactics.
    To quote the godfather lll, ‘politics and crime, they’re the same thing’.


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