What’s Wrong with Martin Brodmann?

Facebook: Martin Brodmann Facebook

Role in the Freedom Convoy: Co-Author of the “Memorandum of Understanding”

Groups Associated With: Vice President of Canada Unity (22), The Line (23)

The least offensive founder of the Freedom Convoy is Martin Brodmann. While his social media has also been scrubbed clean, I found it very hard to find information on him online. 

Along with James and Sandra Bauder, Martin Brodmann was integral in the penning of the “Memorandum of Understanding.” (24)

In an interview with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, who is a member of the P.P.C. party and an Evangelical Christian talk-show host (25), Martin Brodmann stated that they (James, Sandra, and Martin) began writing the “Memorandum of Understanding” in October 2021. 

When asked his “why,” He stated that the “Great Reset” has been in the works for decades as the world population reached 8 billion people. He said, “that presented a problem.” (26). He told Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson to look into the “Vaccination Plan 2011.” Not further explaining what he meant. For more information about the Vaccination Plan by the W.H.O., click here.

He also equated vaccine passports and wearing face masks to China’s “Social Credit System.” (27). According to Business Insider, The “Social Credit System,” first announced in 2014, is “an important component part of the Socialist market economy system and the social governance system” and aims to reinforce the idea that “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful,” according to a 2015 government document. (28)


2 responses to “What’s Wrong with Martin Brodmann?”

  1. Oh Yeah!Just what we don’t need. ANUTBAR. Where is the closest widow-maker!


  2. I have a PDF copy of the MOU – I grabbed it before it was disabled 🙂


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