What’s Wrong with Pat King?

Facebook: The Real Pat King

Groups Associated With: Activist in the Yellow Vest movement (33), Co-founder of  the Wexit movement (34), Co-founder of the Freedom Convoy

Pat King believes that the Government and the United Nations aim for the “depopulation of the anglo Saxon race.”  “Why would they [the Government/U.N.] want to do this?” He states that this is all part of the U.N. 2030 agenda and that it is their “endgame.”  (35)

He posted a video to the Yellow Vests of Canada Facebook group stating the “facts” for his theory. 

He believes “Muslims” are trying to infiltrate Governments and education systems in the Western world. “The” [Muslims] are going to do this by flooding countries with refugees and manipulating the education system to endorse “this type of behaviour.” He claimed that the goal of this is the “depopulation of the anglo-Saxon race- because we have the strongest bloodline.”(37) He claimed that “they” are coming into Canada with “upwards of twelve [children] and many wives” (38)

The cost of living and groceries (controlled by taxes and income) is a form of forced depopulation. “We Anglo-Saxons have grown up with high taxes and low income, so we have sort of depopulated ourselves because we don’t want to bring up our children hungry.” (39)

He states that the “gay communities” are not able to procreate biologically and that “we go as far as “mutilating” our bodies [in reference to transitioning folks] to try and procreate.” (40)

He claims that he knows that abortion is a human right but that there have been more deaths due to abortion than murders across the world. (41) Linking this to depopulation.

In September 2019, Patrick King called his supporters to protest at an Anti-Racism Rally. King is seen on video attacking members of the rally. The rally was eventually cancelled because of violence. (42) The next day during a Livestream where King was stating incorrect facts about the amount of Jewish people killed during the holocaust (43), he was told by one of his followers that his attack was on the news. After being speechless for a few moments, he said, “it’s okay, we will move on and advance the line.” (44).

In a (deleted) video on Pat King’s Facebook page, he states that “Covid is not a naturally occurring virus, it is a man-made bioweapon that was put out to make people sick, to push the narrative for these jabs, it what it was.”  He claims that “the jab” allows “them” to track you, follow you, and know your every movement.” (45)

Pat King told his followers to hold large gatherings in defiance of public health guidelines. And that the people who might report them “those people need to be shot.” (46)

“The only way this (the Freedom Convoy protest) is going to get solved is with bullets.” (47) 

In summary:

-He is openly anti-government

-He is racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and Anti-Semitist 

-He is homophobic and transphobic

-He protested at an anti-racism rally, assaulted a protester, and caused the rally to end due to violence

-He believes that COVID was created as a bioweapon so that the Government could mandate vaccines to track citizens

-He has, on at least two occasions, called for violence in regards to COVID protocols


One response to “What’s Wrong with Pat King?”

  1. Excellent expose of a very evil individual!.
    Having said that I and literally thousands if not millions of people around the world support the Convoy. WHY? …what does it really stand for? The nefarious agendas of the people listed here? I don’t so. This is an epic groundswell and expression of the publics loss of trust in our governments and Media who have consistently lied, misled, censored and suppressed information for the last two years.
    Anybody who thinks this elic groundswell of protest is just about a few unvacinated truck drivers (10%) or a even a vaccine mandate hasn’t been paying attention. There is something much bigger afoot mainly due to the advent of social media. People are finally wakeing up to the fact that they have been manipulated and outright lied to by government and media institutions we once trusted. These institutions have lost all credibility. There definitely is going to be a “Great Reset” (although not what some intended) comeing out of this and the Canadian Truckers are the spark that lit a revolution in the Western world that is now encompassing the globe. Hardly a “fringe minority “, Hardly a movement that should be dismissed contemptuously out of hand and ignored. What about the thousands upon thousands of patriotic Canadiens who lined the overpasses from coast to coast, stood in the ditches and byways in -30* waving Canadian flags to support the convoy (and Canada). What about the Hutterites who drove an additional 3 hrs from Winnipeg to Kenora in their long skirts to feed the convoy in the snow? These are bad people?, “misogynistic racests” ?. Stupid people? who count Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson and former Premier Brian Peckford (the only living author of our “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”) among their supporters. This is something far greater than a few disgruntled truck drivers bitching about a vaccine mandate at the border. How can our leadership be so disconnected from the people? I don’t know what it will look like but one thing is for certain from the way we are governed to the media we once trusted it will never be the same. Thats probably a good thing. “Nothing great was ever achieved without suffering”


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