What’s Wrong with Tamara Lich?

Facebook: Tamara Lich Facebook

Role in Freedom Convoy: Fundraiser for the Freedom Convoy (2)

Groups Associated With: Organizer for Yellow Vests Canada (3), Regional Coordinator for Wexit  (4), Board of Director of Maverick party (formerly wexit) (5), Integral in the development of the Wildrose Independence Party (An Alberta Separatist party) (6)

During an interview, Tamara and co-founder BJ Dichter stated that they wanted to create a “logistics nightmare” in Ottawa and that they aimed to pressure the Canadian Government (7)  She also said that “it was not about vaccinations, but instead about “protecting Canadian Rights and Freedoms” (8)

While there are reports that she has previously made Islamophobic comments on her personal social media account, they no longer exist. Her Facebook account has been scrubbed clean, and there are no posts previous to January 4th of this year.

At a “Yellow Vests of Canada” rally in 2019, she did openly support Tom Quiggin (9), a former member of “Terrorism and Security Analysts of Canada Network (TSEC) and senior fellow at Canadian Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies at Carleton University (10)

Tom Quiggin is vocal about “the Muslim Brotherhood” and how we are in stage “two” of the “Muslim Brotherhoods” plan to infiltrate Government, which began with settlement, establish front organizations, and finally gain political power.” (11)

In episode 66 of his podcast named “Quiggin Report,” Quiggin criticized MP Khalid Rasheed, a Muslim man, and said, “The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario is now just like the Liberal Party or the N.D.P. They are suffering from political entryism.” He also said, “They have members in their party who are … there to advance the cause of a foreign ideology. So either Progressive Conservative Party takes a very hard look at itself now or faces a future where extremism becomes normalized within the party.” (12)

According to Anti-Hate Canada, Tamara Lich shared this episode of the Quiggin Report and commented,  “Canadians, are you paying attention yet? … We do not want the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada.” (13)


2 responses to “What’s Wrong with Tamara Lich?”

  1. We need more activists like her to wake Canadians up to all the foreign propaganda Canada is flooded with these days. The government at best does nothing, but more often assists these NGOs in sowing division within Canada. We must stand up to Imperialism be is corporate or social.

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    1. We most certainly do not. Paranoia and ignorance do no one any good.

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